Published and printed by LULU !

(Evidence of realisation through the application of technical knowledge and skills)

I like the cover although there is a part of me that wants to redo it. I feel it could be more vibrant. The title works and it is clear. I will possibly work on a new cover at a later date in my own personal time and I have a couple of minute issues with printing. Though generally I am happy to see my illustrations presented as an appealing book format.

Screenshots of pdf spreads !

My images were all uploaded at university and created in indesign.

I like this image because of how you see them all looking in the same direction. This is just a screenshot and looks a little pale. Though in print it will look more vibrant, trust me. Possibly will work on the contrast of the image. However this image that was done a lot closer towards the dreadline. Had a little less time to play with .