what story is about

The story is called the Magic Elevator and is a tale of two children who have a magical adventure to an exhibition in the future.
To describe my story in one word, I would use ‘Evolution’ something that was asked in a Group tutorial lesson by a professional Writer Illustrator.
The elevator acts as an important Narrative plot. Similar to ‘The Lion Witch and the Wardrobe’ discovered by curious Lucy walks through a wardrobe in to a fascinating world.
In my story the children have to come up with concept art work based on what the future will be like when humans become extinct. I have two contrasting main characters in the story. A curious one (Alan) and a very sensible one (Sally),

I actually asked children to imagine what they imagine the future and do some of their own drawings.

In the story I guess it gives my own idea of the future, and my characters take the viewer on a little Journey, through my own artistic response.

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